November 2, 2008

BABY BRAIN 2 : The Halloween Edition

I have been given permission to share this story(I don't want to be accused of being a big meanie for making fun of my pregnant wife!).

Halloween is a holiday of costumes, candy, and craziness. For ranks up there as one of the longest days of the year(because kids minds are on costumes, candy, and craziness!!! ha ha).

So after a very long day at school...we head to church for Trunk-r- Treat(which Shana could not get straight...she kept calling it Trick-r-Trunk)! We had a great time passing out candy, talking with friends, and showing off Shana's pumpkin belly. Isn't Margaret's costume awesome!

Well, after we were done at church....we decided we'd head to Target to do our Baby Registry. We were tired, but knew we needed to get it done because of an upcoming baby shower!

After some issues getting our information logged into the we went to the baby section. Shana had done her research, talked to friends, read reviews...and was ready to get this show underway! I really had no strong feelings about the baby stuff. If it's shiney, bright, and colorful...I like it! ha ha So, my job in this was to zap the items Shana handed to me. This I can do(was my job when we did our Wedding Registry). So, Shana hands me an item to zap...I zap it...hand the item back to her...and she throws it in our cart. Ok...I'm really tired...but realize this is not right. "Shana...Honey....aren't people suppose to buy these things for us???" She pauses..looks in the cart..and starts laughing. "I guess I'm really tired" she tells me. I smile, nod, and get ready to zap the next item. She hands me the item...I zap it...hand it back to her...and she throws the item in our cart. At this point I burst out laughing...Shana looks at what she has done...AGAIN...and starts laughing. Well...this is very funny..and delightful...and could be explained by the extremely long day we've had. didn't just happen twice. BABY BRAIN STRIKES AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shana made sure that this wouldn't happen today when we did a registry at Babies-R-Us..........she didn't get a cart!!!!

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T Heap said...

I blame this "pregnancy brain" on your loooonng day! I had forgotten how crazy Halloween is for teachers. I"m surprised you even were able to come to "Trunk-or-Treat" let alone go to register!