November 19, 2008

Thankful for a Laugh!

I thought because of the past two posts containing a bit of life's stressers...that we needed to have a good laugh!
Ms. Moore is an amazing Kindergarten teacher at my school. Every year she has her students do Turkey Recipes(if you live in the Nashville,TN Channel 4 News...they read them every year on the air).
Here are a few of the recipes the kids came up with! ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AVA- Get a 5-ounce turkey. Use water to wash the crusty stuff off from the zoo. Put number one sauce on it to make it sweet. Cook the turkey for 6 minutes in the oven on 7%. Eat the turkey with corn, beans, and a little bit of pork chop, and some potatoes.
TERYN- Get a turkey as big as a brick. Put 1 ounces of salt and pepper on it. Put it in the oven for 10 minutes on 7 degrees. Put a tablecloth on the table. Put plates and cups out. Put chairs at the table. Buy a Hanna Montana cake and some cookies. Eat the dessert with the turkey.
JACKSON- Buy a one-gobble turkey. Kill the head. Put 5 chickens on it. Put another turkey with it. Pour 2 brown sauces on it. Put a Ninja Turtle on it. Put it on a plate. Cook the turkey in the oven for 5 minutes on too hot. Eat the turkey with chicken and different colors of lollipops. Also eat a Mickey Mouse Lollipop.
DEVIN- Get a turkey taller than me. Put a little soda juice on it. Put 6 pepperonis on the turkey. Put it in the grill for 6 minutes on 10 piles of hot. Drink milk and juice with the turkey and eat macaroni and rice. Eat some Cinnamon Toast Crunch with it.
TOMMY- Buy a turkey as big as the classroom. Put a ton of salt and pepper on it. Put grilled peppers and chili from Wendy's on it because my dad loves chili. Cook the turkey for 10-hundred hours in the oven. Put more salt and pepper on it. Eat the turkey with mashed potatoes & gravy and pinto beans.
Those are just a handful of the funny recipes the kids came up with. FROM THE MINDS OF KINDERGARTENERS....ya just can't make this stuff up!!! ha ha ha


Jessica said...

Hey, have you done the wiring of your home yet? I think I know someone who can help. Our friend Shawn. He lives in N'ville. Chris has known him years, both formerly involved in the Navigator ministry in C'ville and they worked together a short while, too. Want his contact info?

sixwickerts said...

That is really cute, I think Jackson has it right on.....I am a mother of boys ya know! The "kill the head" comment could have come from one of them. Hope you guys are doing better, hope to see you again soon!