June 8, 2009

Crossing Our Fingers

Margie slept in her bassinet last night until somewhere around 5 AM. Now this probably doesn't sound like a big deal to many but it is the first time since she was about two weeks old. See our little social butterfly does not like sleeping by herself or for that matter even being put down. Don't get me wrong if this is our biggest problem we face as new parents I will consider ourselves very lucky. I really don't mind holding our sweet baby every night. However, her head keeps getting bigger which hurts my arms. As we approach the 3 month mark I have been trying to be more proactive about putting her down. Last week she took her first "mommy free" nap for about an hour and a half. This week we are working on sleeping mommy free at night too. We are hoping that we can get her to sleep in her bassinet for a few weeks before starting sleep training in a few weeks. I think this will make sleeping in her crib by herself less shocking. Keep our family in your prayers as we make this transition.


Greg and Kim said...

Oh, we have sooo been there. Anna dear would NOT sleep alone from birth to about two months. For the most part, I actually didn't mind (like you), but it did hurt my arm as she got bigger. At the time, I was as excited as you about her sleeping alone. Now, I kind of miss it (though I miss it as an "occasional" thing, not an "all the time" thing.)

vwiller said...

We have an all night in her bed sleeper, though it has more to do with her brothers not letting her sleep very long during the day. Gretchen is now big enough that she seems to like being able to stretch out in her crib alone. But my experience with little ones is tainted because I never had just one so I had to put them down.