June 21, 2009

Father's Day

Today was my first Father's Day as a member. I love being a dad! It isn't always easy, but I wouldn't trade it for all the world. She makes me laugh, smile, think, pray, love, and trust God more than I thought was possible. I want her to see Christ in me & know God's love by how I love her & her mother! I never want her to question her worth or how much she is loved. I want to be Super Dad! Lord knows I'm not perfect & I'll fall short, but that is what brings me to my knees....seeking the hand of the Father to guide me.

Margaret and my wife blessed me with amazing gifts today...letting me know I was loved. First I opened Margaret's gift. She got me a wonderful brag book from Shutterfly so I can show her off to everyone that crosses my path! She also got some turtle shirts for when she's older because she knows how much daddy loves to see her in them! Shana got me the FLIP. It is a small, easy to use video recording device that has a flip out USB port to plug directly in the computer. I LOVE IT! More ways to show off my baby girl! COMING SOON!

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