June 3, 2009

Read, Read, Read!

I love children's books. My classroom library has over 4,000 books. So over course I had to share my love with Margie. Before she was even born, her book shelf was full of books. After reading all of them, we took our first trip to the library when she was two weeks old. Every week we check out a big stack of books to read at home. We started on the shelf with authors that begin with A and are working our way through the alphabet. This week we even joined the summer reading/listening program. I am pretty sure we will already be to the ten hour goal by next week :) Some people might think that she is too young to be interested in books or to listen to the stories. But we disagree! She loves looking at the pictures as I read. Tonight she even fussed every time I stopped reading...six stories later she passed out curled up with a book.

On Monday, I heard Mike Shoulders, the author of V is for Volunteer, speak at the kick off for summer reading at our local library. He did an amazing job of encouraging the children not only to read books, but to write their own stories as he shared some of his writing. One of the stories he shared was called Say Daddy. It is a precious story about reading to your children to pass on traits like sharing or fulfilling your dreams, etc. I loved the story so much so that I literally ran the few blocks home to grab my wallet to purchase the book. When I returned, I brought Margie to meet Mr. Shoulders and to get her first book signed. In the inside cover he wrote "Margie may you love reading as much as you are loved." Margie may not remember that moment but perhaps she will remember the many moments of curling up with a good book.


Jodi said...

wow - that's really inspiring! I didn't like to read when I was really young. I guess it just didn't 'click' until I realized how much fun it was! If Margie is already interested in the books by listening and looking at pictures, I bet she'll be ready to read in no time! BTW, love the doll house book shelf!!

Denise said...

I really enjoyed this post. I always enjoy reading you and Ted's blog, but this one is especially sweet. I LOVE reading and books were a huge part of my childhood. Maybe when Malachi is born we can take the babies to the Library for storytime together :)

Ted and Shana said...

Jodi I have lusted after that bookshelf for years!!! When Ted and I got married, I told him if we ever had a girl that we were getting that bookshelf. I was so excited to actually put it up.

Denise thanks for your sweet comments. I can not wait until your baby boy is here. We will have to take them to story hour.

Greg and Kim said...

Wow..now I want that book!:) I'm a book junkie, too, like you. My kids shelves are packed, and I think it has to do with how much I was read to as a child. Books were always such a big part of my life, and I really want to pass that on to my children. And how blessed you are to be within walking distance of a library!