June 4, 2009

For the Love of Water!

Margie LOVES the water! Last night I sat her in the bath tub to play. Only Margie decided that she didn't want to sit up but instead she wanted to lay down. Despite my efforts to stop her, she kept throwing her legs up and slidding down into the water. Once she had wiggled her way into the water up to her ears, she would give us a big smile like "Yea, look what I did!" And let me tell you she would have stayed in there all night if I had let her. She screamed like an angry hornet when I took her out. With her great love of water I think we are going to have to break out the baby pool soon to splash around in.

1 comment:

Greg and Kim said...

Oh my goodness..that is so funny! Like you, I would probably have kind of freaked out at first, but she looks like she is having fun! I can't blame her...I love the water, too:). You seem like you are having so much fun with your precious little one!