June 9, 2009

Three Months

Margie turned three months old today. She is such a sweet baby. Every day she smiles more and more. At our check up, Margie measured in at 12 pounds and 24 1/2 inches long. She is holding her head up really well now which seems to have brought on a new curiosity about what is going on around her. She wants to be sitting up so she can look around all the time. It is hard to believe, but soon she will be sitting up all on her own. She is beginning to interact more with us as well as her toys. She like to dance with her daddy or sit in my lap and play with her bug. She has figured out how to move her bug around which is one of her new favorite things to do besides talk. Margie is babbling all the time. I have no idea where she gets that from ;) We love our little girl more than we could have ever imagine. We feel so blessed to have such a special gift from God!


Greg and Kim said...

I could hardly read your post for staring at that adorable, hilarious face! Such personality! I love, love, love reading about how you marvel at every little thing Margie does. It is all miraculous, but too often, we miss the little changes and accomplishments in our children (especially when we've already had one and so have seen the progression already:)). And yet, that loving study of everything they do, that pride and joy in all their accomplishments, is such a mark of the unconditional, crazy love that children so desperately need to thrive in this world. So I love seeing it so clearly through you and Ted. Margie is one blessed baby!

Jill said...

I, like Kim, could not read your post because I LOVE the picture and couldn't stop looking at it!!! TOO TOO TOO cute!!!! Love it!