June 15, 2009

Meeting Mrs Judy

Today, my mom and I took Margie to meet Mrs Judy. Mrs Judy was my nanny when I was a baby until I went to school. Looking back I have so many fond memories with the Grishams. I remember playing with Amy's dolls, watching He man with Jeffrey, and playing in the back yard when they came home from school. I also remember eating yummy biscuits and molasses for breakfast. Most of all I remember the sweet sound of Mrs Judy's voice and her hugs. She always knew how to comfort me when I missed my mommy. She could magically turn my tears into smiles. I love their family as if they were part of mine. It meant so much to get to share the joy of being a mom with them. They made such a lasting impression in my life. I know I would not be the person I am today without their influence. Thank you for always loving me.

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