May 20, 2008


Ok, so tonight is the sing off between David & David on American Idol(I captured the image from the AI that illegal?). I like both the guys a lot. I love AC type music(big Clay fan) & I enjoy modern pop/ it's win win for me this year. I have a feeling if David A wins...they will push him into more of an R&B flav. I think he could do it, but not sure if people would believe him in that roll. Kind of like what happened with Katharine McPhee. She is AC, and for her to go the pop diva R&B route was just not believable. I was glad to hear she was going to do an album with David Foster. Right move on her part!! Now if David C wins, I just pray they let him have creative control over the vibe of the album. What we have seen from past winners(and finalists)...when they are pushed into a box that is not their own...they will not fit(Katharine, Bo, Taylor..etc). David C has a great thing going! He knows who he is musically, and has done some amazing things on the show this year!!! He has proved himself to be a true talent.
Anyways..those are my thoughts on AI for now. Should be good!!!! Let me know what you are thinking!!
P.S. Shana wants David Cook to win!

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sixwickerts said...

I think this year, I would be happy with either David winning. David C seems alot more comfortable with himself, David A always looks like he is on the verge of breaking down! Both great talent though. My bets are on David A, just because he is going to get the huge teeny bopper vote :) We shall see!!