May 31, 2008

Words Fall Short- blog by Ted

We have experienced more than can be blogged. Once we get back to Nashville...Shana & I will post a picture or two and share a a picture or two and share a bit more. Words truly fall short of expressing what we have seen here...the beauty of God's creation. WOW, THAT'S SO BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING, AWESOME, OH MY GOSH, and THAT'S GREAT started sounding so shallow to me, but those were the only words I had to describe what we were seeing/experiencing. Place/Nature have such an impact on me mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Maybe it is my artistic soul. Maybe it is because I grew up in the middle of a forest & it is what I know. Maybe it is God speaking to me in a language that meets me where I'm at. Whatever the case, I could have spent days just basking in the beauty of our Lord's design. I felt as if He was holding me tightly as the mist from the falls surrounded me. I could almost hear Him whispering "PEACE BE STILL" as the wind blew round me. I could see His love piercing threw the trees that towered over me as the sun found it's way to my face. People rushing...wanting to move on....and I...I just wanted to linger a little longer. Portland is an amazing place....I'm so glad Shana suggested we come here!!!


pturner63 said...

Sondra and I were in Portland Spring 07 and we had a great time. The drive down through the Columbia River Gorge, Multnomah Falls, Mt. Hood . . . pretty amazing place.

Martin05 said...

MIss you guys! Hope you're enjoying summer!