May 19, 2008

Hi-Ho's off to Portland we go! Well, not yet, but with us being in the last week of school...I'm dreaming of a white Christmas....I MEAN...I'm dreaming of a great vacation. Often people say..."Oh, must be nice being a teacher...get your summers off!!!!" Well, to those people...I say...YES IT IS! However, I know few teachers that actually have a full summer off. I'm trying to work as much as possible so I have the cash for grad school! However, Shana & I are taking a quick trip out to Portland, Oregon before I start teaching my summer camps & scrapbooking classes! Why Portland....WHY NOT?!?!? We actually have a close friend of ours out there right now...and thought this would be a great time to see the city! Per Shana's request...and Josh's great joy...I believe our trip is going to be based around great places to eat in Portland. I'm kind of along for the ride. I'm as happy at Taco Bell as I am some 5 star foodie heaven. When we went to Las Vegas for our anniversary in Dec.....that was the farthest west I had been. Portland will be a new record for me!! :o) Now Shana has been to CA a good she has me beat, but never to Portland. So we'll enjoy this new adventure together. It will be wonderful to get away & let the cares of the school year melt away...and have some time to dream of the future together.


Josh Coy said...

Wooohooooooo!!!!!!!!! Portland will NEVER be the same! Hurry up!

sixwickerts said...

Ya know, Ketchikan only a little further North!