May 21, 2008

My Guy Finally WON!

Before I met Ted , I was not into Idol at all. I hate riding the trendy-train with everyone else. American Idol certainly holds the crown for popular band wagon. However, when Ted and I were dating he insisted that I watch Idol with him. He wanted to teach me all about the Idol ways and I wanted to cuddle so I went along with it. Well some where along the way I became hooked. I loved watching to see what crazy thing Kelly Pickler was going to do next or Taylor Hick's Vegas like performances. But what I really loved was Chris Daughtry. He had it all...the vocals, the look, the total package! What did America do...send him home! By the end of season five I was through with Idol forever!

Life went on...Ted and I got married...then it was time for Idol again. Being blissfully married I had totally forgotten how mad I was at the end of season five so I began watching Idol again. As much as I hate to admit it, my addictive personality gets so easily entangled into the whole Idol world. Yet again, I found myself tuning in every week to watch. First, I watched in dismay that Sinjaya who couldn't hit a note to save his life could make it to the top six. I actually enjoyed watching Gina and Chris rock out! Of course, Melinda Doolittle was phenomenal! She nailed the vocals every time and made her audience just want more and more...but yet again America sent her home. To make matters worse they chose a whiny teenie booper as the Idol over someone with original talent like Blake. Let's just say I am still ill about season six!

By the time this season of Idol came around, I was completely disinterested...or at least I tried to be. But I feel in love with Brooke White. I know she didn't give the best performances but I loved her bubbly personality. Besides if you put her in folk music she'll do great. while I loved Brooke I knew she didn't have a shot of actually winning. However, I was quite ticked when hippie dread locks guy made it farther than her. What was that all about? I have yet to find anyone who liked him! Moving real vote went for David Cook. I believe he is the epitome of what Idol is...the look, the vocals, and the performance that keeps you wanting more. Now, David A's vocals were on spot every time, but he annoyed me because he didn't sing to his age group. The songs were too old for him therefore unbelievable in my book. Despite all of that, I was convinced he was going to win because my guy never wins. The teenie boopers have nothing else to do but hit redial for four hours so their guy always wins. But not faith in Idol was restored when MY GUY FINALLY WON! So here's to you David Cook...Rock on!

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sixwickerts said...

You have me laughing so hard right now!! You are so right :) We are still bitter about Melinda getting booted, and the dreadlock guy???Go figure that one! I am glad David C won too! I would pay to go and see him perform....maybe in Nashville!!!!