March 30, 2009


So our beautiful baby girl is now 3 weeks old! Tonight we tried the baby bathtub again. It went much better this time around. She actually seemed to enjoyed it....kind of! ha ha We enjoyed it...who knew bathtime could make mommy & daddy laugh so much!!!! We're truly blessed by our bundle of joy. Thank you all for your love, thoughts, and prayers for our family!!


vwiller said...

Still on sponge baths at this house..maybe Gretchen thinks her brothers will try to drown her, cord still secure even with alcohol applied at each diaper change. I am supremely jealous of how great Shana looks, not nearly as exhausted and haggard as I feel I look! But I could not feel more content, exhausted but completely content in a way I have never been.

Ted and Shana said...

Ha ha...but have how many children?!?!? :) We just have Margaret!! She's a lot to keep after, but we're amazed at momma's who have many kiddo's!!!