March 17, 2009

The Edinger Women Come to Visit!

Picture 1...My mom was at the hospital the day Margaret was born & was able to come for a little bit the next day. She lives just an hour north in Bowling Green, KY. I can imagine that she'll be making a lot more trips to Nashville to spend time with her first grandbaby!! She came down yesterday on her day off from work...and honestly...I don't think she wanted to leave!!! She's totally in love with Margaret!!
Picture 2...My sister(Laurie) lives in Lexington, KY and had a special class that she had to attend last week when Margaret was born & then had to work the rest of the week. It killed her to not be here!! So she had made plans to come down Monday & Tues of this week to spend time with Margaret & us. She's so very excited to be an's cute!!!
However, I didn't know about THE PLAN!
Laurie walks into our mom is holding onto the baby, and I'm working on a scrapbook for my sister(suppose to be a surprise). She says..."Ted, I need you to come out and help me with two presents I brought for you guys." I went out to her car to find my Aunt Mary & Aunt Barb in her car(they were both wearing bows). I was SOOOOO surprised! They are two of my dad's sisters who live in Ohio! Aunt Mary is the eldest of 9 Edinger kids(80 yrs old). Aunt Barb was the second youngest(my dad was the baby). Aunt Barb surprised me by coming to our wedding 2 yrs ago too...and it was very special to me. Having her near makes me feel like my dad is still here...they were so much a like(story tellers & a lot of fun).
Picture 3...Aunt Mary has had a lot of health issues the past few years. being 80 yrs old...I was really amazing she made the long trip! She was so happy to see another generation of Edingers arrive(she's the family historian). She told me, "I want to put her in her pocket and take her home with me!" ha ha
Picture 4....Aunt Barb has always had a special place in my heart. It might be because I look so much like her(I know..kind of weird, but true!)...and act a bit like her & my dad(ok..a lot). She never had children of her own, but always claimed me as hers. I had a feeling she'd make her way down here at some point to see Margaret, but had no idea it would happen like this!!! WHAT A BLESSING!! Margaret really seemed to enjoy her too!!


Mama Kalila said...

So sweet!

"Ma" Bell said...

Ted, I'm so happy for you that your family was able to meet Margaret - this is such a special time for you all :)