March 13, 2009

...prayers for baby girl...

Hey everyone! We are loving having Margaret in our lives as an outty baby!! She's beautiful, funny, and teaching us daily how much God must love us!!!! We do have a prayer request. She's having new born so many babies. They told us when we came home that she was a bit jaundice. We went yesterday to get tested again(one of the most heart breaking things...they had to prick her foot to get the blood..and she screamed more than when she first popped out!!). The results were that her level was a 13...not terrible, but something to keep an eye on. Also..she had lost 10% of her weight since birth(normal for most babies)...but she really needed to not lose much more. They had us come back today...and once again took her blood from her foot. Not as bad as yesterday...she's getting tough!!!(but still broke dad's heart!!). This time it was a little over 15...which is getting closer to where they will take action to treat it(not a terrible tanning bed kind of thing). However, she dropped a little more weight. So now she is 1 lbs less then when she was born(which honestly is still bigger than a lot of babies!!). So, we are adding an oz of formula to her feeding in addition to what Shana is providing. We really need her to eat well...and POOP!! YES..I'M ASKING YOU PRAY SHE POOPS!!! :) This will also help to get rid of the stuff that is causing the jaundice. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

( other news..she did better night #2 at home than night #1...prayerfully this trend will continue...for mommy's & daddy's sake!!!! AND...we think she likes the car seat!! ha ha)


Jessica said...

Yup, no reason to panic. With the jaundice, which is very common, they may take the step of putting her under the lights...better than pricking, and of course you want to do whatever helps, eh? neither of our kids had it, but i've heard it's almost 1 in 3 that do, so nothing out of the ordinary for the docs! and the weight loss...we had a dr freak out over our 1st baby dropping weight in the beginning, but you're right, it IS normal if shana's providing the majority of food for margaret. just keep offering food, she'll pick those lbs back up! Poop, Margaret, Poop! So excited to learn she's adjusting to home with you guys, let us know if you need AnYtHiNg!

Mama Kalila said...

Oh she's beautiful!

It's too bad the weather is so crummy... Sunlight is the best treatment for jaundice (even through the window). If you are getting any at all, try sitting w/ her by the window. We aren't here though, so I wouldn't imagine that's an option. As for the pooping (lol) the sooner yall can get off the formula the easier that will be as it causes constipation (I understand its sometimes necissary but still).

Also I would not worry about the weight. Seriously. It is normal. And warning it will happen agian when she becomes mobile lol.

If yall haven't checked out la leche league & you might want to. Tons of good info. Cafemom too if you get in the right groups lol. The breastfeeding one has saved me many times (as have a few others..)

I'll be nice and stop giving unasked for advice now lol. You can ignore me if ya like (I encourage ignoring unwanted advice in my advice post on my blog lol) :-)