March 31, 2009


In the past week, Margaret has begun to notice things. Shana says that she first noticed a toy turtle hanging from her car seat. YES...I AM SO PROUD IT WAS A TURTLE THAT FIRST CAUGHT HER EYE!!!! ha ha At home though, we have a few different toys that we try to grab her attention with, but this blue bunny thingie seems to be the most interesting to her. She's actually seemed to grab for it(though with the crazy flailing arms..who's to say?!?!). The trick is capturing a picture of her while she's doing this....NOT EASY! Baby crazy legs & arms waits for no camera!!!! HA!


Mzungu Habibti said...

Aww... That's pretty early for reaching for toys... but is definately possible lol. Cute!

Mama Kalila said...

Oops... I just realized I sent that message from the wrong account. That was me lol(is my venting keep away from family blog).