March 5, 2009

The Art Teacher Art Show

The annual(or almost annual) Metro Nashville Art Teacher Art Show is here once again. I've had issues with the show over the years. Many pieces have been rejected(sometimes all pieces rejected...that's one of the're suppose to get at least one in!!). However, that's part of being an artist, and you have to learn how to deal with the rejection. To my surprise though...this year, all three of my pieces were accepted, and one of them...Dismal Sunset(featured here)...won a judge's award. WOW!!! I am very thankful & excited to know that others see value in what I create. Sometimes you start to wonder why you do what you do when no one else seems to get it. I've stuck it out though, and am glad to see the reward of never giving up...and always pushing myself to be better. Now...we'll see if I actually get to go to the opening & receive my award. Margaret may want to have her own show that will demand daddy's attention!! ha ha


Ma Bell said...

Congrats on the award, Ted! I've always loved your artwork :)

Mama Kalila said...


And we know how that goes... Our Church has this huge fundraiser in Sept called Magic is the Night - basically picture everyone in black tie, tons of good Lebanese food, a band,dancing and our folk dancers.... Well my husband is one of the dancers. Kalila was due on the 22nd and Magic was the 29th... We had all sorts of jokes about him getting paged on stage.

Thankfully I went into labour the day before. I was kinda sad I missed it (but like I would have gone at 41 weeks anyway lol) but it worked out well for him. Plus it was funny seeing reactions when he came back to the hospital in his costume!

I'd say hopefully it'll work out for you, but it will either way it goes.

vwiller said...

Such a cool piece, I am reminded of some watercolors you did a million years ago on the wall of your freshman dorm. Random things a pregnant girl remembers. Good luck Monday, we will have ours by 9am.