March 2, 2009

Everything I Learned about Motherhood I Learned from Third Graders!

Friday was my last day of work in anticipation of Margie making her way into this world very soon. My wonderful teammates had the kids give me a few tips for being a good mama. They were too cute not to share...

The fatter they are the better they grow. ~ Joe

As a mom I think you should give your baby hugs and kisses before it goes to bed. If you don't it might think you don't like it. Another advice is you need to feed it and take it outside everyday. If you don't do any of that stuff than it will be mad! ~ Melissa

Have safety alarms around the house and live near the safety department. ~ Gabreil

When the baby cries she is hungry. ~ Alyssa

Don't let her sit too close to the TV. ~ Owen

My best advice would be to stay with your baby most of the day and just really really love it. ~ Nigel

Buy plenty of diapers. ~ Hannah

Feed her good food ~ Destinee

Give her a pacifier. ~ Yakira

Turn off the lights so she can sleep. ~ Michael
Save up money for Margie to go to college. ~ Heaven

Give Margie a good bath twice a day. ~ Donnie

When Margie grows up tell her no to talk back. ~ Haley

Teach her things. ~ DuJuantez

Teach her how to walk. ~ Krodel

Margie needs 1 nap a day (I think more) and take her for a walk 2 a day.

When you go shopping make sure you check the back of cans so she wont have a lot of sugar. ~ Dru

Rock her in the rocking. Not too hard or she might pit up. ~ Makayla

Love her like you would love your mama. ~ Kendricka

Make sure she gets plenty of calcium. ~ Shelby

Be a very good more and do your best! ~ Xyaire

Put some water in the milk so it wont be too strong. ~ Darian

Always keep an eye on her. ~ Alora

If the baby starts to cry and you get crazy, feed her, or give her to her dad. When babies are babies they like there dad pretty much. But don't worry. When she grows up she'll be all over you. Take it from an older sister of three. ~ Madyson

When she is 7 or 8 try to give her pink medicine so she can get better. ~ Jordan

Love her even when she grows up. ~ Edward

Brush her teeth. ~ Lynzie

You should bake her a great cake! And get her a plaid carrier. That would look nice. ~ Dalton

You can put them in time out if they do something bad. ~ Juaneisha

You should play with your baby. ~ Baileigh

Give her vitamins. ~ Alivia

You should sing to her when she is sick. ~ Mary

You should feed her apples, grapes, and strawberries. I think she likes them. ~ Gary
(That would be my usual morning snack)


Greg & Kim said...

That is soooo sweet! I hope you save it forever!

vwiller said...

My babe thinks the way out is through the side of my belly as hard as she has been pushing...sometimes can't tell the difference between that and a contraction. Still scheduled for Monday, had my last check today. Trying to nap and get house cleaned a bit. Bits from kiddos are always fun, I got advise from high schoolers when pregnant the first time. They all agreed that my kids were "screwed" because they would not get away with anything! But that I was getting a bit "old" to be a cool mom, I was 28 then what would they think now 5 years later! Smile some today .

Mama Kalila said...

Aww.. those are really cute. Gotta love things kids say!